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Yelena Konstantinova. The World of Special Celebrations.
It is my belief that the desirable curricular activities should be provided to supplement and enrich the regular classroom activities. Project activities are important parts of the educational programme of our school.
I believe that good classroom instruction is a basic requirement of a sound programme of a language education. If properly taught and effectively supervised, project activities can play an important part in the development of many of the attitudes and values that I feel are essential to our cultural life.
Motivation occurs when someone else persuades, cajoles, or coerces you into doing something. Words can be powerful motivators. We can use them to bless or curse others; encourage or discourage; hearten or dishearten; embolden or frighten; exhilarate or dispirit; inspire or deprecate.
Participations in lessons-feasts offers the opportunity of language performance through the use of each aspect of language learning.
Lessons-feasts engage young children in exploring the macro concept of culture, including identifying visible and invisible features of culture, how interaction with the environment and others shapes one's culture, and how culture is shared and transformed over time.
They engage young children in ideas and concepts surrounding community with an exploration of the varied factors that influence how people live, and the interaction of people who live and work within a community.
This project enables students to examine the function of celebration in contemporary society as well as undertaking research projects on individual celebrations.
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